Spa Policies

Click here for a blog post to help you choose which massage you should book!

What should I expect to happen at my first appointment?
We love having people new to massage, and remember, even our most experienced massage therapists had to be new to massage at some point so we absolutely "get it."  click here for our blog post on this topic. 

What kind of massage should I book?

That depends!  If you are looking for general relaxation and amazing stress relief, the EV Signature Massage or Heavenly Hot Stone massage is a great option. For no-frills, all skills relaxation massage, book the R&R (Relax and Recover) Massage.  If you prefer very heavy pressure and relief from injuries, especially sport-related, the Targeted Therapy Massage or the Two Feet Deep Barefoot massage are probably the best choices for you.  We do need to know which massage you wish to schedule at the time of booking as our therapists take time to specially prepare each service, including products and equipment prior to your arrival.  To see video clips of some of our specialty massages to better understand the differences, click here!. For a blog post on our most popular 3 options, click here.

Who can do deep tissue?
Typically when someone requests "deep tissue" we take that to mean "heavy pressure."  Technically, "Deep Tissue" massage actually means addressing the deeper layers of the soft tissue and some of the best techniques for that are more gentle like Myofascial Release.   That being said, all of our massage therapists can use both heavy pressure AND can perform Deep Tissue massage and will work with you during the consultation to determine the best treatment for your preferences and needs.  This is a
great blog post explaining more about how and when deep pressure is warranted. 

Do I need to take my clothes off for a massage?
Our therapists use soft sheets and a warm blanket to keep you covered for modesty during a massage.  Most of our clients choose to remove all of their clothing and our therapists will only reveal the area of the body they are working on and never reveal more than you'd show at a public pool.  Some of our clients choose to leave on their underwear which is fine, more than half remove their underwear.  If you have any fears or anxieties, please feel free to discuss them with your therapist!  Remember, even our most experienced massage therapists were new to massage at some point so we absolutely understand!  

Do I have to talk during my massage or am I supposed to be quiet?
We respect that your spa time is an opportunity to completely zone out.  Actually, for a relaxation massage we prefer that you take some quiet time.  If you are receiving a massage targeting an area of pain, an injury, or a sports massage, your therapist will need to check in with you more and ask you to engage different muscle groups and even help you with some stretching so there will be more discussion.  If the best way you to relax is to vent about your day or chat, then by all means, feel free to do so!  It is your session and we will take our cues from you. Click to read a blog post about the benefit of a quiet massage.

What is a couple's massage?  Can we hold hands during the treatment?
A couple's massage is a great way to connect with your partner or relax with a friend.  Our couple's room features two massage tables, but they are a ways apart to allow our therapists to walk all the way around them.  We will visit with each of you and tailor your session to YOUR needs so you will still get an individualized experience while spending time together.  So no, it isn't like those awkward scenes on The Bachelor with rose petals and lots of talking.  Most couples zone out and leave the treatment room feeling renewed and excited to enjoy the day together.

Is prenatal massage safe?  How does the pregnant woman lay on the table?
Prenatal massage is very safe and healthy for expectant women and their babies.  We prefer the sidelying position which is safer with less risk of overtaxing the uterine ligaments and allows our therapists to do a better job massaging the areas like the hips, low back, and shoulders...where moms are REALLY feeling it!  Click here to read our blog post on the safety of spa services for pregnant women.
Click here to watch a video of this service!

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Massage Therapy

Brazilian and Body Waxing

Frequently Asked Spa Questions

​​Click here for a great blog post on your most "delicate" Brazilian waxing questions! A wax "newbie" also wrote a post about her experience with us!

Does Waxing Hurt?
Yes, there is no way around it.  Waxing is going to sting a bit.  We do carry a product called "No Scream Cream" that can help take the edge of and reduce pain by about 50-80% when applied prior to waxing.  It works best on underarm and bikini areas.  It is not helpful for large body parts like back, legs, and chest.  We don't suggest taking pain medications prior to your wax (unless directed by your physician) as some can actually contribute to bruising.  

Can I wax if I'm on Accutane or using exfoliating or anti-aging products on my skin?
You must wait 6 months after stopping Acutane before waxing. This is imperative because waxing during or after Acutane use can cause serious skin tearing which can lead to infection and permanent scarring. Even if you waxed once within the time period and were fine, that doesn't mean you will be fine the next time. The risk is quite serious. Some products containing Retinol or glycolic acids need to be stopped for a short prior to waxing, but the length of time depends on the strength of the product. Call us with details of what you are using and we can ask your esthetician for her recommendations.

How long should my hair be for a wax?
Hair must be AT LEAST a quarter inch long or it won't get caught in the wax.  If hair is too short, your wax will be uneven or we may have to reschedule.  For a leg wax, it is important to note that hair has two growth cycles.  Look closely at your legs and you'll note hairs at different lengths.  If you haven't grown your leg hair a long time (to where it pretty much lays flat) you probably won't get a smooth wax and will feel a bit stubbly.  The best leg waxing is done with 2-3 months of growth.  Our estheticians require 1/4 inch (about 2 weeks) of growth for underarm, bikini, or Brazilian waxing.

Will waxing cause in-grown hairs?
Possibly.  The estheticians who provide our waxing services are very experienced, but every hair type and skin type are different.  Thick, coarse, very curly hair is more prone to in-grown hairs because when hair tries to push through the skin, sometimes it can't and then curls back down causing an in-grown hair.  For some people, gentle exfoliation can help to prevent in-grown hairs or help ease in-growns.  

What will I wear during my wax?  

If you are getting a bikini wax, you can keep your underwear on, but we recommend not wearing your favorite pair as we could get wax on them.  The Bikini wax includes only the hair outside of your underwear line.  For a back or chest wax, you'll need to remove your shirt.  For a leg wax, you will need to remove your pants, but we ask that you do wear underwear or shorts.  For an in-betweenie or Brazilian wax you will need to remove your underwear. We recommend bringing loose, clean cotton clothing to wear after body waxing.  

Is there anything I shouldn't do before or after a body wax?
After waxing, we recommend avoiding any activities that cause sweating as it can irritate newly waxed skin and introduce bacteria that can cause infection of the hair follicles.  We also recommend avoiding swimming (especially in open water like a lake that could have bacteria) or soaking in a bath tub for 24-48 hours and we ask that you don't go tanning or laying out in the sun for 24-48 hours before or after your service.   If you get a facial wax, you should avoid exfoliating the area for 24-48 hours before or after as waxing itself is exfoliating.

Are there any side effects of waxing?
Waxing can cause redness, bruising, and rarely, skin tears.  This is why we do a health history prior to your first wax service and use the safest, highest quality waxes possible, including stripless ("hard" wax) which is more gentle for Brazilian and Bikini waxing, and take great measures to ensure the greatest sanitation possible.  

Do you "double dip" the stick into the wax?  How do you keep things sanitary?
That is just yucky!  I know that many places wax a bit faster by using just one stick and re-dipping it into the wax but we will NEVER do that!  It introduces bacteria and no matter what anyone says, wax is not hot enough to kill bacteria (if it was, it would burn you).  We use a different stick every time we dip into the wax and our estheticians wear gloves for every wax service.  We also pre and post-treat your skin for waxing.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, local checks, cash and East Village Spa gift cards

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask that you kindly provide 24 BUSINESS hours' notice to cancel appointments with 2 or more services and 4 BUSINESS hours' notice if you need to cancel one service.  If an appointment is missed without adequate notice, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the cost of the service so that we can compensate our employees for their time.  This policy is linked to your booking confirmation e-mails and all guests agree to this policy at booking whether on phone or online. We hold all appointments with a credit card or gift card.

What happens if I'm running late?
We'll do our best to accommodate you, but we can't push another guest's appointment behind if you are late.  You will still be charged the full amount if your service has to be shortened due to your late arrival as a courtesy to your therapist or technician who has reserved that spot just for you. We ask all first-time guests or guests who need to complete paperwork to arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes early to ensure they receive their full service time.

How can I leave a gratuity? How much is appropriate?
The most common amount is 15-20% of the service amount, but gratuities are always at the discretion of the guest.  We can accept gratuities on a credit card, cash, gift card or check on behalf your your therapist or technician at the time of check out or you can give them directly to your technician.  Either is acceptable.

I bought a gift card online to have e-mailed and the recipient never got it.  
No problem! Our online gift cards sometimes get filtered into a junk or spam e-mail folder.  If you're e-mailing a gift to someone, please let them know to check all of their e-mail folders.  We can re-send the gift card or try a different e-mail address for you. Call us at (515) 309-2904.

Can I bring kids?
Our spa is not a safe place for young children (hot objects, sharp objects, and our lift tables can all pose hazards). If your childcare falls through, please reschedule your visit for your relaxation and for that of our other guests. With prior consultation we can accommodate guests age 8 and older for short services with parental supervision for our shorter services, but please ask prior to scheduling.

Will you donate to my charity event?
We love helping many local charities, but we are unfortunately limited in the number of services we can give away.  During busy fundraising times of year, we are asked daily for donations so unfortunately, we can't give to every group.  We've aligned ourselves with several local animal charities and other local organizations through our volunteer work and board service.  If you are a regular spa client, please don't hesitate to ask us for a donation for an event near and dear to your heart.  We can only accept requests in writing to ATTN Kelly. Please include information about the 401(c)3 and event details, including how East Village Spa's donation will be recognized.

How many people can you accommodate at once?
Typically, a group of 4 is all we're comfortable seeing at once in order to provide individualized attention and the high quality of service we are known for.   If your group is ONLY wanting skin care and nail care services, a group of 2-3 is probably the most we can accommodate as we only have two pedicure chairs and our nail room is quite cozy.

Do you have a place where we can have a little party between services?

Unfortunately we do not, as we need to keep the spa peaceful and relaxing for our other guests enjoying quiet services like massage and facials. If there is downtime between your services, let us make recommendations for great shopping, dining, or sight-seeing in the vibrant East Village neighborhood just a few steps out our door!

What is the best way to plan my spa party?

First, keep in mind that any group over 4 people might be too big for us.  With group bookings, we prefer to communicate via e-mail.  Please contact Kelly at with the number in your group, the day/time you have in mind, and the exact services people are interested in and we will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know what your options are.  The farther out you book (at least 4-5 weeks) the better the chances we can accommodate your group!

How far ahead do I need to book?
We often have a few last-minute openings on weekdays (if you check early in the morning), but Saturdays and evenings book 2-3 weeks out.  Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas break and Spring Break we typically book farther in advance.  

Do you serve alcohol or can we bring alcohol?
We recognize that some spas provide alcohol, but we choose not to in order to maintain a quiet and safe treatment space. If you are at all intoxicated, our massage therapists can not provide services to you. There are many great establishments in the East Village to visit for a cocktail after your service and we're happy to make recommendations, but while at the spa, please enjoy our complimentary teas.  Alcohol also is not recommended with facials because it alters the appearance of your capillaries so it may appear as though you are having a reaction to a product.  Alcohol consumption can lead to bruising and greater sensitivity for waxing so we will have to refuse wax services to any guest who is intoxicated. 

Do you take walk-ins?
Usually we can't accommodate walk-in appointments as our employees need time to prepare their treatment space for your service, however we can often (especially Monday-Thursday) accommodate a same day booking if you call ahead and are flexible with the service and provider you wish to see.  It never hurts to ask though and you never know if we've had a last-minute cancellation so please, don't hesitate to give us a call! (515) 309-2904